The farm of Masseria Festa

Archeological materials

From the excavation of Masseria Festa comes also a material documentation pertinent to the partially disrupted stratigraphy of the occupation phases of the site. In particular, these are very fragmented materials that document the long history of the site.

Antonio Bruscella


1. Chalice

Origin: sporadic
Glass of light yellow color
Ø foot 1,4 in.; height 0,6 in.
Inv. n. FG49063
Dating: end of V-VII century

Hollow stem chalice bottom; slightly raised foot with a thickened edge.

2. Knife

Origin: US 1
Length 4,8 in.; max width 0,9 in.
Inv. n. FG49062
Dating: VI-VII century

Blade curved at the tip of a single cut. Tang, distinct, thinned and pointed.

3. Nail

Origin: US 1
Length 3 in.; head width 0,4 in.
Inv. n. FG49045

Slightly rounded head; stem with quadrangular section.

4. Fictile slab

Origin: US 50
Uncleaned clay
Max length 3,9 in.
Inv. n. FG48785

Fragment of a fictile slab decorated on one side with rectilinear strings in relief, broken. The fragmentary nature of the finding does not allow a certain attribution of the same. It could however be a fragment of architectural terracotta, with both vertical (sima) and horizontal (lacunar?).

5. Dolio

Origin: US 50
Large containers
Hazelnut coloured and uncleaned clay
Ø rim 50/55
Fragmented and incomplete
Inv. n. FG48983

Clear rim, thickened with trapezoidal section.

6. Pitcher

Origin: US 50
Common ceramic painted brown
Purified orange colored clay
Max height 4,7 in.
Fragmented and incomplete
Inv. n. FG49043
Dating: VI-VII century

Clear rim, slightly extroflexed.

7. Pitcher

Origin: US 73
Painted common ceramics
Hazelnut colored purified clay
Ø rim 2,4 in.; height 8,6 in.
Inv. n. FG49061
Dating: VI-VII century

Indistinct rim, superiorly flat; truncated conical neck and ovoid-shaped body; vertical ribbon handle. Slight traces of brown paint at neck height

8. Basin

Origin: US 200
Painted common ceramics
Purified orange colored clay
Ø rim 12,4 in.; height 4,1 in.
Inv. n. FG49060
Dating: VI-VII century

Clear rim slightly inclined towards the outside; deep basin with hemispherical profile; brown paint residues on the inside and outside wall.

9. Basin

Origin: US 1
Ø rim 10,2 in.; height 2 in.
Inv. n. FG49064
Dating: VI-VII century

Toply flat rim, straight stretched wall. Processing lines marked both inside and outside.

10. Blade

Origin: US 7
Artifact in blonde flint
Length 2,5 in.; width 0,9 in.
Inv. n. FG49065
Dating: protohistoric age

Double-edged blade, slightly tapered at the tip; trapezium section.